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Ben Howard

Vice President

Ben Howard, Vice President, joined the Duberstein Group after a more than a decade of service in key roles in both the White House and the House of Representatives.

Most recently, Ben served as Deputy Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs and Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs in the White House. In this role, Ben advised President Trump and senior officials on legislative strategy in the House and served as the primary liaison between the House and the White House.

Ben has built strong relationships with members of Congress across the political spectrum. During Ben’s several stints in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs, he oversaw key House committees and House leadership and crafted many successful legislative strategies on major legislation, including tax reform, the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA), a long-term extension of the Export-Import Bank, and the Space Force.

In 2018, Ben served as Director of Floor Operations for Majority Whip Steve Scalise where he led the whip effort to pass over 20 critical bills, including the Bipartisan Budget Act, FISA Reauthorization Act, and the Farm Bill. Prior to his time working for Whip Scalise and in the White House, Ben served as Leader McCarthy’s Floor Director where he used his bipartisan relationships and knowledge of House procedure to effectively manage the House Floor. Earlier, while working under then-Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, Ben whipped votes for over 50 significant bills including increasing the debt limit, budgets, and Free Trade Agreements with Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.

Ben first served in the White House Office of Legislative Affairs during the George W. Bush Administration where he assisted the team with tracking and passing legislation such as FISA and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act.

Ben graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BA in History and a BA in Medieval Studies.  He lives in Maryland with his wife and two sons.

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